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Described as performance-based advertising, Affiliate Marketing one of fastest growing marketing strategies that essentially create a bridge between the advertisers and consumers via intermediaries, also known as Publishers. Considered to be part of a broader range of Internet marketing tools, this particular practice essentially gives both the brands as well as the publishers a chance to use rather orthodox and highly effective tools to spread advertise products and services of merchants directly to the consumers. The concept of affiliate advertising can be greatly contributed to the inception and subsequent massive expansion of the Internet in the early 1990s. As the World Wide Web evolved and enveloped the entire globe, there came with this expansion tremendous opportunities for capitalizing on the technology, commercially and hence e-Commerce was born. Affiliate Marketing is essentially comprised of three main elements, Advertisers, Publishers and the Consumers. Let's learn a little bit about all below.


The first and foremost ingredient in the Affiliate Marketing recipe, Advertisers are essentially businesses and brands that are offering products and services from a wide category that includes apparel, clothing, electronics, car parts, airline tickets, so on and so forth. These are the entities that seek relationships with publishers/affiliates to promote their offerings and reach to the masses in a more direct manner.


Also known as Affiliates, this particular element of affiliate marketing acts as a connecting bridge between the advertisers and the consumers by providing both direct as well as indirect means of promotions for brands that are associated with it. The publishers essentially carry out the bulk of the hard work and ensure that all featured products and services are given their due attention in terms of advertising and promotion in an effort to drive leads and sales to the advertisers/brands. Publishers work on a commission format, wherein according to the terms of contract with the advertisers, they would earn commissions on either leads or on sales.


The King, The God and the sole reason that the entire Affiliate Marketing realm exists. Consumers are the ultimate goal for both advertisers and publishers alike as the former's sale and the latter's commission depends entirely upon the willingness of the user to make a purchase. The better the product and the better the marketing effort on behalf of the publisher, the great are the chances for conversions and sale that in turn ensure great amount of commissions for the affiliates.

Why Affiliate Marketing For You?

With sound, ethical and effective marketing strategies and tactics, advertisers and publishers alike can experience greater revenues and higher commissions.

Merchants only have to pay for effective results or when a customer makes a purchase.

Promotion of a product or service provides a significant boost to the brand thereby increasing number of visitors and customers.

Advertisers gain access to a broader spectrum of the market that enables them to sell their products and services with the most minimal of investment.

How Trigrate Features In Affiliate Marketing?.

This is the point where as a team we are proud to say that Trigrate Technologies represent the very best of affiliate marketing services that are not only highly effective but are comprised of the most modern and state of the art techniques. Our team of experienced affiliate professionals understand every nook and cranny of a constantly changing market and with due diligence as well as impeccable research manage to stay on top of the game every time. Unlike all our other services, when it comes to Affiliate Marketing we offer a very different and unique approach to the vertical by focusing on both advertisers as well as publishers.

For Advertisers:

One very crucial aspect of this type of online advertising is the advertisers, the ones who are seeking affiliates to not only promote their products and services but to also bring the very best they have to offers to the masses. Realizing the sheer importance of advertisers, here at Trigrate we'd like to provide a comprehensive overview of what we have to offer to the advertisers in affiliate marketing.

Services Offered:

1. With our expert team of affiliate managers, Trigrate offers affiliate program management services.

2. In the absence of a reputed and credible publisher for the affiliate program, we can easily, efficiently and with great dedication carry out your entire affiliate marketing project for you.

3. Create valuable connections with some of the best and highly renowned publishers and build a bridge that will connect you and the publisher for better communication and enhanced productivity.

4. Drive sales and conversions on your e-Portals with effective and comprehensive marketing efforts from both the publishers as well as from our end.

5.Create, manage and execute promotions for your brand, products and services using the best and most potent promotional tools. These tools will be comprised of content development, e-mails, newsletters, Press Releases and article formulation among other essential mediums.

For Publishers:

We understand and appreciate the fact that Affiliate Marketing is a two way street wherein a publishers in indispensible to an advertiser and vice versa. Keeping this in mind, at Trigrate we'd like to welcome publishers from all parts of the world to form valuable partnerships with us for a mutually benefitting future. Besides serving the advertisers, we also offers a tremendous amount of services to publishers as they are the ones who are tasked with bringing any product or service to the limelight en-masse.

Services Offered:

1. We will assist publishers in crafting long lasting and lucrative relationships with some of the most renowned and highly respected advertisers. This in turn will enable the publishers to grab better opportunities for higher commissions while offering their best services to the advertisers.

2. With our expert team of affiliate marketers, Trigrate continues to establish more robust relationships with advertisers across a broad spectrum of categories. This enables us to create a massive database of reliable and profitable advertisers for our publishers to take advantage of.

3. We continue to collate and create a list that is comprised of multiple consolidators that the publishers can then make use of to find the most suitable merchants. Furthermore, we shall also carry out promotions for your merchants on your behalf on a grand scale that will guarantee sales and conversions for the advertisers and greater commissions for you.

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