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Since the advent of the Internet, the technology has brought the word closer than ever before with instant access to information and knowledge, all available with just a few keystrokes. From personal communication to global connectivity, the web offers some of the most remarkable tools for not only entertainment and other verticals, but also for business of all shapes and sizes to expand and reach to billions of global consumers. One of the most vital and long standing components of the web has been 'e-mail', abbreviated from the word 'Electronic Mail', e-mail has for a very long time has been an essential, effective and lightning fast medium of communication for millions across the globe. In the realm of e-Commerce, e-mail plays a definitive role, wherein it is widely used by business to reach to the consumers, build customer loyalty, promote their products and services as well as a crucial trust building tool.

When compared to conventional digital marketing platforms, such as the likes of television, radio and electronic billboards, e-mail marketing is the most far reaching, result oriented and cost effective tool. The entire concept calls for dissemination of information to valid and registered e-mail addresses, wherein the info is comprised of text as well as images providing a broader description of products and services that are to be advertised. With e-mail marketing fast taking shape of one of the most preferred means on Internet marketing, users need to understand the types of e-mail marketing alternatives that are present for the most effective results.

1. Direct e-Mail:

This particular form of e-mail marketing essentially encompasses all the efforts made by a business to reach out to the masses in regards to the products and services offered. Mostly featuring newsletters, direct e-mails offer the most simplistic yet the fastest means of informing users of your business and providing them with the details as to how they can your business can truly meet their needs and requirements, whilst benefitting them. In short, Direct e-mail is all about building that much warranted trust with your target audience and to deliver them the most precise and concise information on time every time.

2. Transaction e-Mail:

Transaction e-mail in the recent times have emerged as the most effective alternative to paper invoices and other transactional documents that represent a financial transaction between a product/service provides and customers. Such e-mails are generally generated after an action is taken on part of the user on a business's website or online store. For example, a the invoice created at the time of the purchase of a product is sent directly to the user's e-mail address thereby not only enhancing the life of the invoice for far greater time but also greatly reducing the reliance on paper and thereby preserving the environment and eco-system. Such e-mails are sent to the users on the basis of user actions triggered at e-commerce portals and are legally perceived as equivalent to physical receipts and invoices.

Why Affiliate Marketing For You?

1. It reduces time, effort and cost to reach out to potential as well as existing customers.

2. Body of the content can be customized as per the ever evolving behavior of the target market.

3. Customer database can be segmented through Email Marketing.

4. Graphics, videos, music, quiz and other engaging content can easily be spread arcross a wider spectrum as attachments messages that also make e-mails more attractive and effective.

5. It drives more users to physical in-store purchases and enables a brand to increase its popularity that in turn will provider great opportunities to greatly increase sales.

6. It's faster, cheaper & easier to execute and also generates an immediate response that aids in reaching out to the masses in a more effective and robust manner.

7. It is an inexpensive tool that statically has proven to be 20 times more cost effective than postal mail as there is no production, material or postage expenses involved.

Email Marketing & Its Immense Importance?

e-Mail is without a doubt one of the most important and widely used means of communication, so much so that this form of communication attributes to more than three times the user base than popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter combined. Email users in numbers are three times more than Facebook and Twitter users combined.

Companies or any kind of businesses use Facebook or Twitter for communicating or for publicity but not for private, one on one conversations or even building personalized relationships with consumers. One of the primary reasons for the high rate of usage of e-mails its cost effective properties. This communication medium offers a very low cost and highly practical tool that offers the best of both the world of convenience and technology.

There are several ways a company can reach out to customers through Email Marketing campaigns. Some of the most prominent ones are listed below

Welcome Emails:

This sort of e-mail correspondence typically revolved around auto-generated responses at the time of user subscription. Such e-mails are widely used by businesses across the globe to express gratitude and appreciation to the users for a joining company's mailing list or accepting to receive periodic communications about products and services. Such e-mail are vitally essential in establishing a great first impression and to also ensure that the potential customers are aware of the fact that the business is customer centric as well as engaging towards the users and customers alike.

Newsletter Emails:

A great means of reaching out to the users and apprising of the latest happenings in your company, Newsletters offer a free and absolutely exciting means of communicating with your user base. e-Commerce companies especially can make use of Newsletters to promote their latest offerings and can also spread the word around in regards to any and all promotions, deals and discounts that might being offered to the masses. This means of electronic communication not only strengthens the bond between a business and the users, but also provides greater opportunities for higher rate of conversions and sales.

Trigrate + e-Mail Marketing = Success & Prosperity

In the day and age of e-mail communication and with the same means now taken a shape of a vital marketing tool, here at Trigrate Technologies, we offer some of the best and highest quality e-mail marketing services to our clients. From Newsletters to Press Release e-mails, our professional team of online marketers, designers and content developers go through every aspect of the information that a business wishes to dispense. This attention to detail subsequently enables us to craft engaging, captivating and highly compelling e-mail correspondences for our clients. Our electronic communication marketing services ensure that you are always connected with your customers and do everything that is needed in the most efficient and time-saving manner to reach out to potential customers as well.

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