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In a day and age where 91% of the global population owns a mobile phone, 56% owners of a smartphone and 80% making judicious use of mobile apps, a time has become where laptops and desktops are fast transforming into stationary tools of information & technology. Across the global metropolitans and even in a majority of rural areas, mobile phones as well as smartphones have become an integral and indispensible part of the daily lives of billions of people. From e-mails to connecting to friends and family via chat networks, mobile devices bring forth a constant stream of communication mediums that lead to extended connectivity.

When it comes to e-commerce, mobile devices are as integral as the Internet to the vertical. With more and more users switching to smartphones and tablets that are designed and developed to make the very of the web, it is now absolutely prudent that your website and your business target these to maximize its reach, visibility and revenue. Mobile Apps have in the recent year become a significant tool for the Internet, so much so that in the year 2013 more than 102 billion apps were downloaded of which 91% were free. Still, the remaining 9% were sufficient enough to generate an eye-popping $26 billion. The face of mobile apps and mobile development began to take shape with the introduction of the fabled Apple iPhone in the year 2007. As the mobile revolution gripped the world, came out of nowhere one of the most cherished and widely used mobile operating system, Google Android that spawned a whole new generation of mobile applications and took smartphones to new heights.

At Trigrate, we specialize in the creation and flawless execution of smartphone apps that span across a wide range of mobile platforms including Apple iOS and Google Android. Our expert designers and developers will ensure that your business get the very best of the mobile edge by crafting user friendly and high quality mobile apps. When it comes to mobile apps and mobile websites, our competitive prices are the best in the industry and if you join us with your vision you'll find that so is our performance in the this field.

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