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When it comes to technology, whether it be a physical device or an online entity, everything that is constructed using mechanics is bound to require maintenance and there's no way around it. However, this particular fact enforces itself on websites with renewed urgency. In the world of e-Commerce, your web portal is the face, the catalog and the checkout counter for your business's products and services. Once designed and developed, these highly lucrative entities require frequent and high quality maintenance. To better explain the concept of website maintenance, a website should be regularly updated and maintained to keep it running at the most optimum threshold while also keeping it in sync with the latest and fast changing Internet trends.

Here at Trigrate we realize the need for sustained maintenance of web portals, but we also understand that webmasters themselves can hardly find the time to carry out such arduous and time consuming tasks. Hence, it's best suited to let the professionals handle the caretaking of your precious website while you focus entirely on the operational aspect of your online venture. With our expert and dedicated professionals at the helm of our website maintenance efforts, you can rest easy that the portal is in the best of hands and by the time we are done with it, the website be as good as brand new or even better than that!In conjunction with teams, we keep your online business portal constantly updated with fresh content, articles, editing, reviewing, redesigning as well as featuring newly added products and services.

The sole purpose of portal maintenance is to keep the website active, attractive and as highly productive as it possibly can. This in turn ensure higher visibility on the Internet, a surge in traffic which will eventually lead to better conversion rates and revenues.

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Maintaining a website includes editing, modification of content, addition and deletion of webpages, fixing security loop holes, managing data and many more things. At Trigrate Technologies our complete website maintenance package includes the below mentioned services.

Updating website daily, monthly, weekly or yearly basis as per your requirements

Keep site updated with latest promotions, offers, services and products

Protect your website from internet bugs

Analyze your website on regular basis to improve the performance of your website

Manage and maintain the website properly and professionally

Website information protection and database security management

Addition, deletion and modification of pages and content

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