Web Hosting At A Glance
Just like any construction project taken in the physical world, where one requires a piece of land, construction equipment, materials and manpower, same can be said of the realm of the Internet. The process of web development works in tandem with web hosting, as a matter of fact the latter is extremely vital for any website's creation. Web hosting essentially provides you with two vital tools namely, 'domain name' and 'web space' for you to design and develop a perfect website and establish your online presence. What Web Hosting means in layman terms is the process of renting virtual space on the Internet servers that delivers you the capability of constructing, managing your website while also offering enough space to safely store files, images or any form of data of your website on the servers.

In the infant days of WWW, web hosting carried a very conventional approach and was presented to the users in its rawest for forms. However, over the years with great advancements in technology and the emergence of cloud computing, the concept of web hosting has taken a new turn. Below mentioned are some of the most popular iterations of Web Hosting:

Shared Hosting:
The word 'shared' is pretty much self-explanatory to the limits that it provides a simple overlook to Shared Hosting. This particular hosting process offers users with a highly inexpensive platform to build their portals upon. With Shared Hosting, multiple clients share space for their websites on a same web server. This particular type of web hosting largely due to its sharing model is widely considered to be the most affordable as well as the most popular hosting process for small websites, personal users, static websites and small businesses.

Dedicated Server Hosting:
Complete opposite of Share Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting essentially offers you a dedicated web space for your website, wherein the IP assigned to your portal remains a standalone IP not shared by any one. This type of hosting is mostly suitable for high traffic websites and is known to be more expensive when compared to shared and VPS web hosting. However, this particular comes with several perks, such as the handling of all management tasks by web hosting providers as well as providing in-depth support and focus on your business requirements. One of the biggest upsides to Dedicated Server Hosting is the fact that the hosting server is a standalone machine dedicated solely towards your website, thus offering all the features and tools of the erver.

Cloud Server Hosting:
With the advent and subsequent popularity of cloud computing, it was only a matter till this state of the art technology found its way into the realm of web hosting. In this type of hosting, multiple servers are interconnected with each other and is different from dedicated and shared hosting. Due to interconnection of multiple servers this type of hosting has various advantages like load balancing, no single point failure, higher security and also it is very cost effective.

VPS Hosting:

VPS Hosting: VPS- Virtual Private Hosting is equivalent to dedicated hosting but it is on the virtual server and is much cheaper. In this type of hosting, root access is given to the client that enables him to control the VPS and all relevant features and services as and when it is required.

In order to opt for state of the art web hosting services, the choice of operating systems should be made with extreme care as these OS determine the type of web hosting most suitable to choose the operating system on which the server will run.

Windows Hosting:

Windows Hosting can availed on shared, dedicated or even VPS platforms thereby offering a much wider range of flexibility for your online ventures. In this type of hosting webmasters are able to run the application and other programs on windows environment which is widely considered to be one of the most robust and easy to navigate as well as understand. This hosting process also brings about various advantages like high levels of security, smooth integration, application compatibility and single point of control, better performance etc. It is also compatible with Microsoft applications and allows users to make user friendly and dynamic websites.

Linux Hosting:

It is one of the most popular hosting services that can be shared or dedicated and also affordable at the same time. This type of hosting is compatible with various programming languages like perl, PHP and MySQL, Python and Ruby. It is known for its rigid security structure and stability. Linux is free to use or we can say open source operating system.

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